Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sacred Heart Diet Review

I have gotten a lot of emails this month asking about the sacred heart diet, and if it really works. This has actually been around for a while, and I did try it a few years ago.

So did it work for me?


Well, it kinda did, if your goal is to lose weight for a few days, and then gain it all back and feel like a total failure because you can't keep weight off :(

The way the sacred heart diet works is that you follow a very, very specific diet of foods, including this soup that tastes absolutely terrible!

It is one of those typical diets where they claim you can eat as much as you want as long as you adhere to the diet, and at the end of a week you will have lost 10 pounds.

The bad news is that this loss (if you are fortunate enough to experience it, that is):


Unless you plan on following this weirdo diet for the rest of your life, the weight will come back. When are people going to figure out that real weight loss means making real changes in your life?

It wasn't until I finally figured this out that I was able to lose real weight, for good. You really do have to make changes to your life longterm if you want to lose weight longterm.

And making those changes isn't actually as hard as it sounds. And no, you don't need a sacred heart diet. With just a few small changes, you can start losing those pounds today. To learn more, just sign up for my free newsletter, located in the right handed column of this blog :)


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